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Empower your property and estate with smart digital technology
Our Story

Founded by a group of commercial property operators and technology enthusiasts, we believe adopting technology in real estate should be seamless and practical.

Our Vision

We aim to democratise smart cities through Prop-tech and A.I. by making technology accessible to the common man. No one should be left behind.


We advocate secure and trusted protocols in the industry, eradicate overly complicated processes and streamline efficiency by addressing fundamental root causes.


How it works


We leverage on existing technologies that are proven and widely-adopted to empower your users to interact, stay informed, or perform their duties in a simplified and more efficient manner.


Creating a seamless customer experience is a valuable investment to your asset. A seamless customer journey is all about building a foundation that delivers consistently positive experiences for the users, residences, and estate managers.

Estate Manager

"It's about time to automate fundamental  challenges"


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